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I am Programme Leader for the BA Multimedia Journalism and a Lecturer in Digital Media and Web Development at MMU. I recently completed my PhD entitled ‘Ethnic minority radio: interactions and identity’. You can download a copy here. The thesis focused on six case study stations taking in pirate, commercial, communty and public service radio. I worked with the DJs and station staff to understand how the stations operated, the relationship they had with their communities and ultimately, how they communicated notions of ethnicity and identity.


The early results of data analysis were tested through the presentation of two written papers at the ECREA 2008 and then the Radio conference 2009. The paper from ECREA Radio Research 2013 is the final analysis of the results from the thesis. My most recent paper is for the ECREA 2014 conference that looks at the ‘Prove It’ methodology that I developed for the UK’s community radio sector.

The ECREA 2008 paper explored an initial analysis using Giddens’ Structuration Theory to examine how the rules and resources utilised by those involved through interaction negotiates the reproduction and maintenance of the station .

The Radio Conference 2009 paper brought together the three theoretical aspects of the research providing the framework for an analysis of the interviews and programmes at two of the case study stations. The analysis enabled a detailed examination of how the programmes broadcast and the personas of the DJs and the station communicated notions of static or fluid identity to the audience.

The Radio Research 2013 paper presented an analysis and discussion of the interactions between a station, the DJs and their communities to bring off truly social events. Ethnic minority radio stations have, in particular, developed complex and lively ways to make radio a truly participatory experience. The paper explored how DJs utilise a variety of technologies/media and on-air performance to enable participation. These resources come to life through sophisticated, unspoken rules mutually created between listener and DJ incorporating shared cultural competences cloaked to casual listeners.

The ECREA 2014 paper profiled the ‘Prove It’ community radio research methodology originally developed as part of a Radio Regen project, funded by the Ofcom community radio fund. The paper examined how the methodology was developed, how it works and presents some of the early findings from one of the pilot radio stations.


In my previous life, I designed and developed websites for various clients which has been great fun and very satisfying to do. I always focused on accessible, usable designs. Due to my commitments as a lecturer and also a local councillor I have mostly stopped this area of work. If you need a recommendation just ask. For information, past clients have included.

  • Analyse This!!! and Collect This!!! – hand coded HTML/CSS websites which uses custom graphics. The websites are courses about learning to deal with qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Mossley Council – a community website, built with WordPress, for Mossley Parish Council.
  • Cooler Projects – a WordPress website for a Manchester based consultancy who focus on projects delivering low carbon futures. The site uses a cutomised theme, graphics and scripts.
  • The Community Radio Toolkit – part of my day job and a WordPress website to host a handbook, forums and information supporting the UK community radio sector.
  • EY2P – a WordPress website with a customised theme and booking system for a Manchester based early years, transition, primary and literacy consultants.
  • Radio Regen – the host community radio charity for the Community Radio Toolkit. A WordPress website which showcases their consultancy and training services.
  • Unison Manchester – the Manchester branch of the public service union. This WordPress focuses on a blog for campaigning and membership services. It uses a custom theme, graphics and scripts.