Hercules and the Love Affair – reclaiming words used to oppress

In a recent romp through new music that took in the total delights of John Grant and everything he’s been involved with I came across Hercules and the Love Affair. John appears on two tracks which are as I’d hoped for, however the rest of the album is impressive. It’s a mix of Chicago House, queenly lyrics and fitting guest appearences.

“To be ‘cunt’ was to be like you’d made it, you’d achieved the highest level of femininity that was possible”

Hercules and the Love Affair have just released ‘My Offence’, featuring the sublime Krystle Warren, as the third single from the album. Unusually the video is a combined music/documentary piece that focuses on the most provocative word on the album. Through interview and music the piece explores how ‘cunt’ has been positively reappropriated in a way that seems paricularised, at the moment, to the New York gay community. I wouldn’t mind the ethos behind it’s use spreading far wider.

Worth a watch.

Read the full interview with Hercule’s Andy Butler on the V Magazine website – http://vmagazine.com/site/content/2884/premiere-video-hercules-and-love-affair

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