I’ll babywear and I just don’t care

sling studio
The glory of a holidaying Sling Studio Gorse – tussah silk and alpaca

I have a serious case of the “sod-its”

People say getting into high end babywearing is like going down a rabbit hole. For me it sings to all that I adore, beautiful fabrics, design, texture and holding my children closely. 

I am unapologetic in my reverie of this hobby. Nay, obsession. Granted, a year ago I audibly scoffed at the possibility of a wrap costing more than a decent buggy (new I hasten to add) and why on earth one would have more than a couple of wraps…

A year on and I have *whispers* 10 wraps. Do I need this many? No of course not. I probably wear about half my stash every week and some go several weeks between wears. Some are clearly designed for summer (silk and linen blends), some are big beasts (complex wool blends) waiting for the snow, others are my go to comfort wrap for cooking in when Smallest is tired on a Saturday evening, some are my faithful stalwarts I grab as I leave the house to commute with the girls. 

I’m unapologetic because it’s just so much fun. Everything from the browsing of new releases, exploration of different blends and wrapping qualities, engaging in the geeky conversations with other (mostly) women, deciding what might be up for trade next and stalking the right wrap to message about, photographing the wraps and wearing the girls to the enduring conversations that have turned into friendships. 

Notice I have written little about the benefits of babywearing for mother and child. That is deliberate. Too often we sacrifice our own interests for our children. We walk into a shop to buy some new workwear and walk out with a child’s pair of shoes. This interest is born from my love of fashion and fabrics. It translates so well to wrapping and in many ways it is just for me. I shall enjoy it whilst it lasts and, in the grand scheme of things, that is a very short time. 

I love it all and whilst I have the modest means to do it and a willing wrappee I shall gleefully declare “sod it”. 

Current wraps

  • Mokosh Thistles Midnight 3 – mulberry/tussah
  • Artipoppe W Black Pearl 3 – cashmere/merino/alpaca/baby yak
  • Sling Studio Gorse 3 – tussah/alpaca – on holiday
  • London Sling Company Voronoi Scandium 3 – cotton/cashmere – visiting a friend
  • Mokosh Thistles Pepper 4 – merino
  • Sling Studio Buzz Miel Miel 4 – merino/silk/linen
  • Mokosh Fire Ribes 5 – mulberry/linen
  • Artipoppe 2 Birds Romjul 6 – baby camel/mulberry silk 
  • Mokosh Russian Woods 6 – silk/wool
  • Linuschka Bolero Beaujolais 6 – tussah – on the way

Wraps that lived here

  • Mokosh Thistles Titania 2 – tussah
  • Artipoppe Argus Gula 4
  • Mokosh Ayiri 4 – tested and reviewed
  • Lawilde Elliott Kingfisher 5 – merino
  • Artipoppe 2 Birds Prosha 5 – cashmere/linen
  • Mokosh Fire Malachite 6 – cashmere/mulberry silk
  • Artipoppe 2 Birds Havana 6 – cashmere/linen – on holiday 
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