Expression through Instagram; Leane and McQueen

I have discovered a love of Instagram as it’s the perfect place to express my interests in fashion and babywearing (and yes they do converge due to the critical element of fabrics and blends). I’m reposting this here as it perfectly sums up my duel love affair with Lee McQueen and Shaun Leane, partners in fashion and jewellery crime.

Shaun Leane eagle necklace, Clements Ribeiro suede fringed scarf, White Stuff bird top, Alexander McQueen tweed and leather coat.

“Fall 2006 reconfirms to me everything I love about McQueen: the tweeds, tartans, structural cutting, winged headpieces and the drama. The women have a power and ultimate protection afforded by their appearance.

Near the end is Shaun Leane’s eagle headpiece and my heart flutters. Later the necklace is the first piece of his jewellery I acquire. It is given to me by my father on my 30th birthday whilst we eat seafood on a cold winter’s afternoon by the southern coast of Portugal. He always had the most perfect taste in jewellery.

And so my love affair with Leane’s work begins. Each day I walk out with something of his on; it is my war jewellery, protection, a talisman, each a piece of beauty.”

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