MiNi! By Sjala – Sweetheart Belly Wrapping

The first stop for the MiNi! by Sjala Wyrm wrap has been at Kate’s; I consider her a good friend and she’s also a talented babywearing consultant, running Wrapped & Carried in the Devon area.

I asked her to host Wyrm from the perspective of an experienced wrapper. Kate has a son and is just about to give birth to her second child. So, she’s playing the waiting game and kindly agreed to give Wyrm a whirl with some belly wrapping.

Here she is, showing you how to do some Sweetheart belly wrapping. Aside from being a very beautiful way to use a wrap during pregnancy, belly wrapping has specific benefits. The Wrapsody Baby site sums these benefits up well:

belly wrapping can support the mother’s hips, help baby find its optimal positioning, reduce diastasis recti, and provide comfort and relief to the mother’s body

I remember the intense, heavy, feeling of late pregancy and wish I had known about this. Enjoy, and thank you Kate for making time to do this.

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