Mokosh Wrap – Hyades Sky – Review

Mokosh is a Russian brand of high quality jacquard wraps and Amata, who runs the business, draws on a lot of natural and folk references for the interesting and often intricate designs.

My stash consists of several Mokosh wraps, some permanently, as I’m continually impressed by Amata’s work. I, along with a lovely babywearing friend, was sent this tester to put through its paces. Here’s my thoughts. Vaclava has kindly allowed me to post her review here too.

Step 1: catch toddling wrappee

The wrap

Hyades is from the new collection of triweave that Mokosh started producing in early 2016. This new collection features designs that focus on geometric or repeating shapes. 

Sky’s design is a medium sized pattern of water-like droplets. Whilst many are a blend of 2/3 different yarns, Sky is a simple all cotton. It is two colours; a white warp with a sky blue weft, hence the name. Its colour is the essence of summer, of lying in your back with the grass tickling your toes as you stare up at a cloudless vista. I’m usually an autumnal woman when it comes to colour but I found Sky’s tone beautifully uplifting. 


Step 2: superman toss your wrappee into place
I’m ashamed to say that I overlook cotton wraps all too frequently when really they ought to be the staple of a stash. Cotton is a wonderful, easy care, fibre that needs none of the nannying that complex or delicate blends do. 

Sky is very, very soft to touch and though I was only the second tester it needed no further breaking in. It feels medium weight but airy. Like all Mokosh it has flipped rails and neither side feels like the wrong or right one to have facing out. 

Working with Hyades Sky

I could just write two words to describe working with Sky. Easy peasy (lemon squeezy, if you add another two). 

I’ve been using it a lot for commuting and therefore need a wrap that isn’t going to be too technical to wrap well with and doesn’t slip off my narrow shoulders. Sky fits this bill. 


Step 3: wrap tight before wrappee escapes
This tester is a size 4 which is my favourite size. Many might find it awkward as it is a neither/nor length. It is neither a basic ruck wrap as you always have tails and nor is it a long wrap for enveloping multipass carries. A 4, when given some thought, is your best friend. On a lazy day it’s a pretty ruck wrap…but it’s long enough to tie Tibetan. When I fancy a more supportive carry then it does a double hammock tied at the shoulder with ease. I like a good 4.


And a good 4 it is. It’s because of the triweave which is very, very clever. It lends the wrap a unique sponginess and airiness without a loose or diggy weave. It therefore works beautifully in a simple single pass carry such as a ruck; it’s cushy on the shoulders, not hot to wear and feels substantial enough to be supportive. 


Step 4: check wrap job and satisfaction of wrappee
Hyades Sky is your daily beater. The wrap you drag through mud, drop tails in car park puddles and allow your children to use as a hammock. You don’t mind that it needs to go in the wash because you chuck it in the machine. I’m usually pleasantly surprised by Mokosh wraps and this one is no different. Highly recommended. 

Further reading

Mokosh wraps are released for purchase via Facebook. It’s also worth checking Etsy.

Vaclava’s review


100% cotton 265g/m2


Vaclava Svobodova and her beautiful wrappee 💙
I have the pleasure to test this beautiful Hyades. It came yesterday so after a wash I ‘took it for a drive’ today 😊

I’ve owned only one all cotton wrap since my LO was born and didn’t like it. It was not supportive and diggy too.

 That’s when Hyades really surprised me. After only one wash it’s becoming soft and mouldable. It’s airy breezy but quite cushy and I believe with more use will get even cushier. It’s textured but soft at the same time. It’s got this spongy waffle feeling to it (same as Hyades golden rain). So easy to tie knot but not slippery.

In my opinion it could serve as a shorty ruck wrap up to around 10kg..for heavier kids would shine more in a base size and multiple passes carries.

Looking forward to this two weeks of testing it and see how it breaks in more…

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