Mokosh Wrap – Thistles Titania – Review


Mokosh is a Russian brand of high quality jacquard wraps and Amata, who runs the business, draws on a lot of natural and folk references for the interesting and often intricate designs. 

The Wrap


Thistles is one of Mokosh’s classic designs that has seen many incarnations in different blends and colour ways. Titania is partnered, as in Shakespeare, by Oberon as the Midsummer Night’s Dream capsule collection using different blends and complementing shades. 

Titania alongside the silvery Oberon

I was attracted to Titania because it’s 75% cotton and a generous 25% tussah silk. This blend works together in a slight teal hue of royal blue and black (cotton) and natural gold (tussah). Tussah silk is an interesting fibre as it is rougher and has shorter fibres than other silks. This lends the wrap a slightly coarser texture that is softening up over time. 

The design is repeating lines of thistles that are accented with black and it looks good both right/wrong sides of the wrap. Overall it’s a very eye catching design. Titania weighs approximately 270g/qm and the tight weave gives it a fairy thick feel. 

Titania was released as a one of a kind in either a size 2 or 6. Shorty curious, I have the 2.  

Working with Thistles Titania

As this is a shorty it is suited to either rebozo or a no sew ring sling. I had originally bought it to use as a no sew but have fallen in love with the ease and neatness of a rebozo hip carry. For this you just need to get confident tying slip knots…and that’s about it. 

Titania knots down in a very neat way and has a good balance of adjustability and grip once you’ve tightened the carry. As this is a long 2 (2.9m), my baby is 8 months and I’m quite petite I can just about pull off some size 3 carries if they’re tied under the bum. This is a hip kangaroo that just avoids tying into the tails. 

hip kangaroo tails 
As a no sew the wrap works really well and you get lovely, floaty, long tails that really show off the design. 


 rebozo carry 
I love this wrap. Not only is it beautiful and suits my daughter well (it matches her eyes) it’s extremely comfortable to use. Once my daughter is up and in she stays comfortingly in the same place, no gentle migration to rest on my hip. I think this is the tussah at work to help create a secure carry. It is softening up well and feels supportive; I’d have no hesitation to use this with a toddler though it’ll be interesting to see how the shorter tussah fibres wear over time. 

It’s a cushy, slightly bouncy, wrap that means even with a single layer carry I can have my daughter in it for a few hours and she nods off happily on my shoulder. There’s no digginess or sagging. In short…it’s all you want from a shorty. Easy to use, luxurious and appears to be imbued with a gallon of sleep dust. 

When she gets a little older I’ll update this review with how it works for back carries. For the time being, with her still being small, I want to carry her close ❤️

Further Reading

Mokosh wraps are released for purchase via Facebook. It’s also worth checking Etsy. This is the Facebook link to the Midnight’s Summer Collection release. 

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