Punk McQueen: just open the box!

I’m in the midst of planning some audio and video shorts and really ought to get on with it. So I’m procrastinating in the best way possible; by faffing about making a sort-of-related video about the arrival of Punk McQueen. Well it did remind me of how I need to improve my voiceover delivery.

We all know how it feels when something highly anticipated arrives; the nerves and excitement that go through you as you track the package, get it into your grubby hands and the intake of breath as you start to open the box. I’ve tried to communicate a bit of that in the video. And if it doesn’t do that you can just have a “oh isn’t it odd to hear her voice’ moment.

More on the McQueen another day.


Opening the box – Punk McQueen from MsCrow on Vimeo.

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