The Rules of #TheArtiParty

It’s Vogue Online Shopping Night again so around comes another Artipoppe #TheArtiParty. Whilst it’s a social media marketing exercise it also has the potential for great fun. After all, why should wraps just be worn for children? Add the fact that it’s also aimed at pretty exhausted (mostly) women, it provides an opportunity for some focus on one’s own femininity and identity.

Here’s some handy rules for being on point for the event in the form of a listicle. Get your tongue poised firmly in cheek.

1. Gather all your wraps

close up of a white woman dressed in black and white wraps

If possible wear them all. Don’t believe that #LessIsMore in this case. If you’re a minimalist it is not recommended to go with anything smaller than a size 3, because, #modesty.

2. Choose your props with care

Headgear is a must

Add structure with cunning. Thank you Stephen Jones and my Great Grandmother (both milliners) as a hat counts more than jewels.You might also consider ruffles, swags or volume if hats aren’t your thing (heathen).

3. Forget the details

a white woman dressed in black and white wraps

When creating your dress remember it doesn’t have to look good from the back. Everyone knows it will be one hot mess of knots, trailing tails and toddlers trying to tug them. Instead, strike a pose as if your stylists just left the room.

4. Have fun

a white woman dressed in black and white wraps

Don’t take yourself seriously; it will inhibit your ability to have fun.

Always own your joy. It is yours alone.

In essence #BeMoreCyndi and revel in the play of creating a wrap dress. Just don’t skip about too much lest it all unravel.

5. Engage #WrapMode

a white woman dressed in black and white wraps looking at her phone

In the midst of prancing about in woven wraps don’t forget to engage your #wrapmode as the party runs all day.

Stamina is your friend but, more so, selective monitoring. No one gets a prize for being welded to technology.

I’ll be bowing out of this party slightly early as I have another fabulous engagement to get to #AsianMediaAwards.

Whilst I’m gone you can relish the creativity of other party goers on Instagram

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