Shorthand for Research Infrastructures

I used to think shorthand was a nifty way of taking notes until I discovered the storytelling version.

It turns out, I was already familiar with the concept having consumed many immersive multimedia news stories with elements such as image sliders, video and audio. Shorthand is a clever website; it’s very intuitive and non-threatening to use when constructing a story. The result also pleases those who don’t know the witchery behind this kind of digital tool.

It’s safe to say that Shorthand is new to the research infrastructure landscape. I decided to play with it instead of producing the usual event report because it meant bringing to life the people involved in what can be a distancing topic – life sciences tools. Those that collaborated with me were delighted with the outcome.

The event in Utrecht, The Netherlands, was focused on research infrastructures sharing their major, researcher designed, innovations related to the EOSC-Life project. You can access the Shorthand story by clicking on the image below.

An ornate room is overlaid with the text 'bridging the gap between researchers and research infrastructures'
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