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I’m in the process of destashing (hollow laugh) but can’t resist a flutter on the odd dip, especially if it’s a Sling Studio one. Finding a SS high tussah silk wrap is a bit like a needle in a haystack and when one does appear, it’s gone within seconds on the buy/sell/trade market. I have desperately wanted to try one for several reasons: I’m a sucker for a high silk wrap; silk is amazing as it is so strong and quite frankly beautiful, I adore texture like nothing else and some silks offer this in spades; I’ve rejoiced in wearing my Linuschka, it is a hidden gem of tussah heaven; I have heard so many people raving about SS tussah and I really, really want to compare.

A few days ago there was a bit of a bunfight for the release of the tussah Puffracken, Falling Feathers Puffin’s lovechild with the bracken pattern. I was happy to sit it out but a friend really, really wanted one. So I said I’d pitch in and help on the dreaded Etsy release. Well blow me down with a Falling Feather, I got one. First Etsy score ever and gloriously, it was for this lovely friend (Cristina, I’ve written about her). I was so happy for her; and shaking from the shock of actually getting one. In the back of my mind I wondered if wrap karma might actually exist?

Sling Studio Falling Feathers Willow
It does!

Two days after Puffracken arrived for a play (I’m sending it onto her) I won a dip for Willow. A gloriously long size 6 Willow. Willow with its fashionista acidic colours green and yellow nubby, slubby tussah on a deep burgundy warp. Can you imagine the geekery going on inside me as I relish the prospect of finally comparing SS tussah to Linuschka tussah? In the meantime, as I consider the myriad of side-by-side tests that I might conduct, here’s the video of opening the Willow package made during a short break from endless marking.


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