Snapchat journalism and Casey Neistat

How is it possible to feel older in a mere moment? Realise you’re missing another social/technological nudge (not a shift yet) in the world of media and journalism.

This is an interesting article on the use of the video networking or ‘vlogging’ website Snapchat for journalism. It’s mainly used for, well, having a chat and a lark about. Anyway, I stumbled across it looking at Casey Neistat’s Twitter feed. I’m quite a fan of Casey as I think he uses short film to communicate interesting and creative stories.

Recently Casey has been using it to create quick, less production rich, stories and in the latest instance, for covering the riots in Ferguson following the shooting of Michael Brown. I think it’s a good example of not only bringing the viewer much closer to a news story but also the integration that exists across platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube for pushing journalistic content directly to users.

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