Tutorial: how to ruck with a ring sling

I love a long ring sling. For me they’re the ultimate in versatility. When in RS mode I loop the excess and for back carries they’re perfect.

The way I ruck is the opposite to most tutorials so it’s easier to thread and tighten, both shoulders are true ruck straps, plus there’s no diggy rings in your armpit.

So here’s how to ruck with a ring sling – each photo is commented. You need at least a 220cm length if your base is a 6. I’m working with longer (about 270cm) because I love tails.

1. Catch your child

Catching my child to superman her up

She was willing as she wanted to play with her new truck and not get sand on it. Note her tongue of anticipation.

Have the tail as the shorter end. You’re going to work with the rings end as your long tail for the rope pass.

2. Make a seat

She’s now on my back with the cloth over her

Once up, make a seat with the ring sling rail that supports from knee to knee.

3. Catch your tail

Catching a long tail that billows in the wind

Catch the long end and bring it under the bum, behind the knees. The rings come round under your arm pit.

4. Use your chin

Pinning the short tail with my chin

Keep your chin on the short tail that is over your shoulder as you bring the long tail round. This keeps the tension in the carry.

5. Thread your rings

Threading the rings as she drapes over me

Loop the short tail through the rings as you normally would a ring sling. Only because the rings are under you will pull upwards to tighten rather than down. It’s much easier to tighten a ring sling ruck this way which is why I prefer having the rings on the long tail.

6. Check the carry

Back shot showing the ruck strap

Tighten and check you are happy. It should feel like a usual ruck tas now. The tail will hang over the rings and the shoulders should feel secure.

7. Optional extras

Image of a happy child

Allow time for child to pose for a photo

Child playing with a truck

Pass the desired toy

Detail shot of the tail

You may choose to admire your tail

Portrait of us both from behind

And enjoy the sun on the walk back whilst your child chatters happily into your ear and drives the truck over your arm.

End notes

This ruck is by no means perfect. I could have got her higher and tightened more but it was windy and this was for quick ups – about 30 minutes. I’m also no professional wrapper/tutor.

Ring sling used: Linuschka Owls Llama; a glorious high silk blend of shaggy tussah, Japanese silk and bio cotton.

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