Wedding, fashion and carrying your baby

Last weekend was the wedding of two people I’m supremely fond of and it was such a joy to be asked to attend. They had waited a long time for marriage to become legal and so witnessing the ceremony was emotional and very happy. In particular, they had made such an effort to accommodate children at the wedding which was so appreciated.

Knowing it would be an ultra stylish wedding (it was at the Midland, darling) I was looking forward to combining my two passions, carrying my child and raking through my wardrobe for something good to wear. Someone asked me if I had bought the wrap (Mokosh Fire Ribes) to match the dress. Not so, but I was thrilled to realise I had a dress to go with the wrap.


ruck ribes carry
Carrying Smallest on my back; slightly pink from dancing
The benefits of wrapping means you can wear a nice dress and don’t have to worry about covering your shoulders as a wrap does the job well (and you get to carry your child about extremely conveniently). Fire Ribes is a great combination of cotton, linen and silk in electric red and purple. It’s a very juicy coloured wrap. Therefore I knew it would go well with a John Galliano dress I’ve had lurking in the wardrobe, unworn. It’s a long burgundy crochet strapless number with silk panels embroidered with flowers.


wrap and dress
Ribes in a tied-under-bum hip carry to make full use of the tails
The other ace thing about carrying at a wedding is that it means you can have a sleepy baby on your back and dance with your toddler. Magic.

wedding dance
Dancing with my eldest; Smallest asleep on my back. Photo copyright Pixies in the Cellar, 2015.
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