Grey and renaissance

Lancome Renaissance 105
Found a clothes trade shop open to the public cheap jerseys yesterday called Duty Free Clothing. The Northern Quarter is full of them but all trade only. I always wonder who they’re supplying to.

Bought an oversized grey silk jumper with a nice deep ribbed cheap mlb jerseys waist for £2, so I’ve dug out a high waisted charcoal skirt to wear with it, and the obligatory black DM’s which are falling apart (sewn at the back) but loved. Obligatory as the jerseys cobbled lane/precipice near the house is so wholesale jerseys China leathal in winter. I never wear high Carrera waisted but it’s a pretty Kew skirt with seams on the slant and lined in silk, so gentle to wear. I forgive the waist but it may rebel when I sit down at my desk.

A new eye shadow quad came last week in the post. Lancome, who I usually wouldn’t bother with, but this quad, called Renaissance (105) is excellent (pictured above). It has the so called and famed Erika F shade in (bottom right). It’s riva a slate green but with a lot of sparkle, the other three are complementing shades of greens and a white.

I wish I could get hold of I the single shade of Erika F but it seems to be an older colour and a queeny at sales assistant in Selfridges pointed out, rather obviously, that all the Colour Focus range is being replaced. Really? Is that why half the range of eye shadows says something else?! I hate it when really good shades get ditched.

All finished off with a gothic Cherry Chau hair clip. Shame the green waterproof is also still obligatory.

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  1. Earl Yambao
    May 6, 2013

    Eye shadow adds depth and dimension to one’s eyes, complements the eye color, or simply draws attention to the eyes. Eye shadow comes in many different colors and textures. It is usually made from a powder and mica, but can also be found in liquid, pencil, or mousse form.,^

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