The trouble with transition

I was stood on the station platform this cheap nfl jerseys morning, people watching as I drank a cup of tea (something to make the horrible train overcrowding less rotten). It was interesting to see the contrasts between how women were dressing and I came to the conclusion it was the trouble with the transition of winter wear to spring.

Case #1 was a woman dressed very nicely in a black pencil skirt, flats, a loose cape like black coat cheap and a really sweet grey beanie with diamante all across the front. Case #2 was a woman more colourfully dressed, Tom I can’t remember what exactly she cheap jerseys was wearing because I was so transfixed by her painted toes peeping out from her trousers. She was wearing Marbella type bronze thong sandals…on the 3rd of March. I don’t think the temperature could have been more than about 4 degrees.

Looking at her red painted toes, I started to feel colder despite wearing a wool cardigan, winter skirt, long and DM suede boots, wool sleeves and a hat. March it seems sends women to opposite ends of the warmth spectrum though I think the second lady was quite an optimist.

On jerseys the subject of hats; as I was walking up Hilton street, two blokes passed me and one called out as we passed ‘I like your hat’. Groovy. It’s a vintage Christie’s trilby, not dark brown or dark green, somewhere in between. It has a whacking great big orange silk leaf and beaded corsage pinned to the side.

How wholesale nfl jerseys often do you see someone and you appreciate what they’re wearing but you don’t say a thing? Imagine if you did voice your appreciation how cheered they would feel.

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