Darkside’s Psychic

image of darkside albumI was in Fopp a week or so ago looking for new music.

I’ve been stuck on Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’s Push the Sky Away as it is such an immense album. However, I thought it was time to seek something else out.

I asked the affable sales bloke in Fopp what he’d recommend for someone who was stuck on PTSA but liked all sorts, including electronica. He thought for a bit and then proffered Darkside’s Psychic. Released in October by a New York based electronica kid and a great guitarist (my paraphrasing is probably doing a great disservice here) it is a dark, voluptuous, funky, grinding romp of an album. It mixes drums and guitar with utterly sublime electronica wanderings.

It hasn’t left my ears since. Golden Arrow and The Only Shrine I’ve Seen are immense. I’m stuck again.

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