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I’m using the Luna Mini has part of a Bzzagent campaign which is when you get to trial products for, in this case, a reduced cost. The Luna Mini is usually £99. For photos of the product see this post.

I’ve held off on reviewing the Foreo Luna Mini until I had given it a fair few weeks of trial as I don’t believe in rash, gushing judgements when it comes to a potentially expensive purchase. For the purpose of the review, I am in my early thirties, have combination skin that is also prone to dry flaky areas.

The Luna Mini is the little sister in the Luna range, a sonic facial cleansing device that works by channeling “gentle T-Sonic™ pulsations across the skin, for your own mini-facial in the comfort of your home”. It is a broadly oval shape, fits in the palm of your hand, comes in a choice of colours, and is made from silicone with little dense spaced nodules that channel vibrations into your skin. The nodules vary in size depending in the area you are cleansing. It is charged by internal battery and one recharge can last 300 one minute cleansing sessions. This is pretty impressive and makes it a highly neat and portable device. In summary, it works similarly to the higher priced Clarisonic however it’s use of silicone nodules instead of a brush means it is less course and scratchy, more hygienic, and also, ultimately, cheaper with no parts to replace.

I started using it a few weeks ago and immediately felt that my skin was softer and looked better. It has replaced my old flannel and over the trial I have definitely noticed that my skin is more glowing, less prone to spots, and generally looks masses better. I love the fact that it is so much more hygienic than using a flannel and I was surprised to realise how little time I spent cleansing my face. Even with the loveliest foam cleanser, in my case Mamamio’s Clean Slate, a quick whip around the a flannel can never compare with a minute of cleansing with the Luna Mini. A minute is hardly a long time for such an important task.

I really rate how it works too as it divides a minute up into fifteen second sessions and it pulses to let you know to move on. So I start with my cheeks, fifteen seconds each, move over to my chin and nose and the final fifteen seconds is spent on my forehead. After a (quick) minute of using the Luna Mini I can be pretty sure I’ve had a through cleanse, one that is gentle and, having used it routinely twice a day, one that leaves my skin looking so much better.

In summary, a medium outlay on the Luna Mini will give you a cleverly designed tool that will last years (Foreo back it with a two year guarantee, and ten year quality promise) and enable you to have glowing skin. In my case, the best I’ve had.

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