Diary of a Sjala linen wrap – final dispatch

I know, I thought, I’ll do a video of wrapping Smallest. You know the sort, where the wrapper makes it look so effortless, so easy, so…efficient. I’ll attempt the Mermaid carry because it’s really pretty and will work fabulously with Millions (aka the Posh Pink wrap). What could possibly go wrong?

Everything. Everything that could go wrong, did. The thing is, wrapping a headstrong toddler is never going to go to plan. I should have anticipated that really. But instead of trying again I figured it could make the cut because this is real life wrapping. Rushed, inelegant and downright sloppy.

Millions still won though. Take that toddler.

I summarise my experience of using Millions at the end of this video, and now it will start its travels. Happy wrapping.

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