Galliano’s swansong

A low key venue where editors and photographers were just expecting a rail of clothes as the presentation of the Galliano’s F/W 2011 collection turned into a night-club door fiasco. Bouncers selectively let in a baffled crowd all waiting to see what Galliano put out as his unforseen (final?) collection depending on what Toledo decided. I’m annoyed at Toledo, completely; a controlling but mismanaged situation that does more to damage this sad situation but no matter. Galliano’s flaws (major ones), his unseemly character and wayward behaviour over the past few years (very clear in the recent Dior collections) gave way to a beautiful Fall/Winter presentation.

I loved this collection. The jackets, the pretty houndstooth, slouchy skirts and dresses reminiscent of a much earlier Galliano. Devastatingly simple and flattering gathering at the torso, draped and relaxed jackets and pretty prints. I disagree he held back for Dior as many would surmise; he was probably held back by others and what we see here is the true Galliano.

I’m highly concerned he may lose his ‘name’ in whatever future Galliano has thanks to the ownership issues. But whatever, the recent very upsetting past won’t stop me wearing Galliano, this collection proves how wearable and beautiful the clothes are and for me, that is what Galliano is; not the character but the cutting.

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