Styling killed it

Today was it, the last collection Galliano made for Dior; not that he knew it or that he finished it and boy did it show.

The bad: the styling…what happened? It looked rushed, completely inappropriate for the rakish English Victoriana Galliano had in mind. In fact it looked like someone had referenced some lazy Debbie Harry 70’s baby doll face and forgot to look at the clothes.

The good: Many will disagree but I liked the first part more than the second. It was a lush muddy jewelled mish-mash of layered wools, suede and silks with cardigans buttons badly and the most beautiful gater-like boots. It was as if Vivienne Westwood had woken up drunk, dressed herself in her boy-husband’s country gear and gone out for a pint of hair-of-the-dog.

Unfortunately the whole thing was marred by a self righteous, edited history of Dior given by the head honcho. But, whatever; I’m sure the boring Dior-esque pastel frocks will be on the red carpet next autumn and in the meantime, I will wish for one of those wonky cardigans.

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