How to make someone beautiful look really ugly

More Paris shows today.

I was just flicking through the Chanel one which took place in a cold warehouse where the wholesale NBA jerseys runway had an iceberg on and (eventually) melting ice. Are we to assume Karl Lagerfeld is making some eco statement through and this set-up?

It seems like the ego has now invest completely consumed Karl. It’s the only way to explain this collecton which showed Open creations and by designer Karl, Football in the shape of good tweed and pretty angora pieces in the quality Chanel style, to krazy-ego Karl cheap NBA jerseys which saw the most ugly yeti designs…even is head to toe fake fur suits.

As cheap NFL jerseys the set started to melt (some suppose this was planned) the fake fur around the bottom of the boots began to drag in the water ending in a drowned cat look. Nice.

You can view the whole collection at where even the editors seemingly had wholesale jerseys a hard time reviewing the show in cheap NFL jerseys seriousness. trouble

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  1. Jean Muir Fan
    March 11, 2010

    I love the photo, poor bedraggled fur boots. No comparison with Alxander McQueen this season. I have missed the Thoughtful Dresser, this is a welcome new blog. Keep writing please!

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