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steve mason coverAt the moment I’m consuming and looking for new music in a way I haven’t done for quite a while. In part this is because I found my beloved, vintage, pair of Shure E2C earphones which wee all over the current and fashionable Beats, Sennheisers etc

I’m also ashamed to say I’m (paying for and) downloading most of it, rather than ripping from CD. I much prefer to have a physical copy so will have to buy them at a later date.

So recent and rated purchased are quite diverse I suppose.

Steve Mason, Monkey Minds in the Devil’s Time (pictured) – is the second solo release of the singer/songwriter who originally found fame as part of the Beta Band. The album is a sublime political and introspective romp through Steve’s mind.

Nine Inch Nails, Hesitation Marks – is a much awaited for release from Trent Reznor having spent a few years wandering around soundtrack and (very good) self release territory. I’m a NIN fan, always will be, but I think this is a brilliant return to form.

Jackson and his Computerband,  Glow – was a totally random purchase because it was playing in Fopp and I really had to have it. It’s a crazy album, nestling in the Paris IDM scene, as each track is a self contained genre in its own right but it works well as a whole piece. I particularly love GI Jane.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Push the Sky Away – I have been hankering after this since its release but it only came down in price recently. I’m a Nick devotee and this atmosphere is outstanding on this album. I’ve still to listen to it deeply as I bought it at the same time as Steve Mason.

Bonobo, The North Borders – Bonobo has been playing in our house for years but I think he dipped a little bit in the late noughties so I’d lost track of what he was up to. This is a joyous album with Cirrus and Know You making me grin inanely as I walk along. I always seem to skip the first track though.

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