Journalism – current reading

I’m very pleased to be teaching Broadcast Skills this year with the MA Multimedia Journalism students, in part because half the term focuses on radio.

On the basis this blog is in part a reference back to stuff I’m doing at work I thought it useful to add some of my current reading.


  • BBC Journalism Academy – this is a great resource on the various skills involved in journalism including general best practice, legal and ethical issues. I’m currently immersed in the interviewing section
  • From our own Correspondent – I was reflecting recently about the differences between radio and television news reporting following a lecture by Andrew Crisell at ECRA Radio Research 2013. FOOC is a good example at the depth and analysis that radio news features can achieve
  • Mark Byford Speech – delivered to students in Leeds a few years ago it is a good reflection on the way broadcast news has changed over the past thirty years
  • Media Guardian – I’m a bit of a news junky and always keep an eye on this section of the Guardian website


  • Media production: a practical guide to radio and TV – I mentioned this during the MA induction though I shall use it for the undergrads too as it’s a great ‘how to’ conduct a radio/TV project
  • Flat Earth News – although Nick Davies book is mostly about print news it does chart the staggering way news production has changed and sometimes not for the better
  • Progamme Making for Radio – this is a brilliant, compact little book about radio production




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