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Postcards from Home is a podcast series that provides a snapshot into everyday life during the Coronavirus pandemic. Captured as conversations over WhatsApp during stolen moments in a child’s bedroom or leaning against a kitchen counter, people paint rich portraits of the lives they’ve let go of, albeit temporarily, and the impact of self-isolation.

Job insecurity, sweating in a hazmat suit to clean out COVID-19 hotspots, creating a home bubble to protect children‘s emotional well-being, endless cooking, missing simple commutes to work, yearning for familiar embraces, wishing for wine with friends, and winding down a car window to inhale a deeply missed beach.

These are some of the images painted by people sending Postcards from Home.

These postcards are sent in the hope that Coronavirus is a singular event; a never to be repeated period of life. The podcast serves a time capsule, if you will, of how people coped when they were told to stay at home.

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You can listen to Postcards on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher etc; just search for Postcards from Home. Alternatively, they’re all here.

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