Postcards from Home – 1 – Enrico Sgaravato. Documenting daily life during the Coronavirus pandemic

I don’t know about you, but I always need to stay busy. Not…occupied, but do something. I am finding being at home during the day – working full time and looking after the girls – tough, so by the time the girls have gone to bed, I need to recede into something creative.

In my day job I lecture in journalism and the heft of the job can be creatively limiting. So, during this time at home I am recording a series of podcasts about coping with being isolated during the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s mostly aimed at parents though episode two is a journalist in a Hong Kong.

My first interviewee is Enrico. Living in Veneto, Italy, with his family and juggling life working from home as a Hospitality Lecturer, I knew he would have a story to tell. He combines his tender devotion to his family with the context we are living through. Huge thanks to him for his honest and vivid account.

If you would like to take part, whether you’re on the front line or caring full time at home, drop me an email.

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