Postcards from Home – 5 – Francesca Orlando

“I worry that maybe we shouldn’t told him about the virus even though we tried to break it down to a level that a five, soon to be six, year old would understand. But he’s absolutely worried, he has nightmares that we are going to die of the virus”

Francesca Orlando is an Italian ex-pat, a Nutritionist, mother to two young boys and she lives in San Diego, USA.

Francesca recorded a detailed and intimate portrait of the protective bubble she has created for her children in their home. She plans gentle days filled with painting stones, making focaccia and curling up on the sofa together. It’s her hope that the boys remember this time positively despite the coronavirus fears that inevitably seep in.

Underlying this is a thrum of anxiety. The time she’s dedicating to her children is time she is not working, though she maintains a positive outlook.

She ends her postcard offering sanctuary to friends who may be in abusive relationships. This is a fear based on evidence; as the Guardian reported two days ago, cases of domestic abuse spike during periods of economic and social crisis.

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