Postcards from Home – 6 – Gergana Raynova

Gergana is a mother of twins who lives in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. She sent her postcard on 3 April.

In doing so, she imagined herself as a castaway on an abandoned island and wanted to reach people who would hear her concern. 

She said of the Bulgarian government “I need to talk about the corruption, to do something, otherwise I too am complicit”. Gergana’s concern has merit; Reporters without Borders lists Bulgaria at 111th for freedom of speech.

Since 2009, when Boyko Borisov was elected for a third term, trust in fair elections has decreased and Transparency International rates the country’s governance 43/100 due to public sector corruption. As such, she has anxieties about Bulgaria’s ability to deal with Coronavirus.

In this postcard, Gergana also paints a portrait of family life, organised to meet the needs of her twin daughters, that works in equal partnership with her husband.

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