Postcards from Home – 8 – Caroline

“I feel a bit like an imposter being a doctor during this time and not being on the frontline…it’s a bit of a mixed feeling for me because normally I would be the first to help.”

Caroline is from the Montreal area of Canada. Usually her role includes working with patients from both her practice and at the hospital. Shortly before the Coronavirus pandemic spread across Canada, Caroline’s personal situation changed and she had to withdraw from frontline practice. 

In this postcard she talks about balancing the guilt of not being able to support her colleagues and patients in the way she would like with the need to look after herself. 

She sent this postcard on 16 April from her office, just before seeing her first patient of the day by video link. 

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Montreal has been at the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak in Canada which, as mirrored across parts of Europe, has highlighted the risk to the elderly in care homes. This has had a big impact on Caroline’s professional outlook and she now wants to focus her future career on providing better care to older people.

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