Postcards from Home – 7 – Natalie Brownstein

“I’ve taken to driving past the beach, opening the window and just inhaling deeply…I never thought I’d see the day when the water and the sands of Bondi are completely empty, it’s never happened before in my whole life.” 

Natalie Brownstein lives in Sydney, Australia – a short walk from Bondi beach. She is mother to two young boys and is currently self-isolating in their apartment along with her husband who is working from home. 

When Coronavirus emerged in the city, Natalie was just getting her business – Bespoke PA – back on track after the birth of her second son and subsequent postnatal depression. 

She sends this postcard, recorded on 11 April, to her sons so they can hear about this period of their childhood when they’re older. In it, she describes the scaling back of daily life and tries to imagine what it will be like after the virus has receded.

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The Australian love of travel – particularly the recent cruise ship sailing of the Ruby Princess – has been associated with the rise in COVID-19 cases. Border and quarantine controls, along with social distancing measures and testing, are tentatively linked to a recent decline in the virus but officials are nervous to suggest this is a persisting positive trend. 

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