Postcards from Home – 2 – Tommy Walker

The second postcard is from Tommy Walker – a freelance travel writer, correspondent, journalist and videographer.

In this postcard he talks about life in his current home of Hong Kong, transitioning from the frantic paced frontline reporting of the 2019 protests…to a life under restriction. Tommy is currently covering more personal features related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

You can see Tommy’s photojournalism and coverage at and his travel writing can be found at

This interview was originally recorded for the Manchester Met Multimedia Journalism department’s Bang to Rights podcast. That episode gathered journalist perspectives from around the world of covering the pandemic.

I chose to cut a version as a postcard because Tommy conjures up a strong sense of the changed way of life in HK, and of loneliness from isolation. For many of us who have suddenly had to put the breaks on and alter working practices, his experiences will resonate.

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