Review – a love letter to Ruck n Roll’s Artemis

A love letter to Ruck n Roll’s Artemis

Dear Artemis

When you arrived I could have buried my face into your cloud like softness. I couldn’t believe it when Zoe told me you were 347g m/sq; you hide your weight well. You have a texture like cotton wool that is so gentle, so fluffy, I can’t really believe you’re designed to carry my child. Last night I attempted to capture the wonderful, twill variation weave detail and the super subtle sparkles whilst trying not to sing the Frozen songs. You are a stunning graduation of blues through to purples with detailing in black in a delicious blend of 75% extra fine merino wool, 20% silk and 5% stellina on a tencel warp. I love how your silk shimmers in a pearlised manner that is almost impossible to photograph; you have an ethereal-like quality. Has anyone told you how pretty you are?

Close up shot of the colour graduations and weave pattern
Close up shot of the colour graduations and weave pattern

After a night of amazing sleep (a rarity) I switched my plans from a lazy ruck to a double hammock because I wanted to use every inch of you. What can I say? There was no struggle to tighten the passes and you bandaged around my daughter like a second skin. We even hit the welcomed placed and designed middle marker for once in a blue moon and really, that never happens. As we walked my daughter bounced gently and chilled out. I felt no pressure points and my shoulders thought they had gossamer resting them.

a very comfy double hammock

The next day it was cold when I picked her up from my childminder’s so I decided front cuddles were definitely needed. I know you won’t believe it because she’s so terribly well behaved when she travels in you Artemis, but she often throws herself back in a bid to escape when I front carry. Front Wrap Cross Carry has never been my favourite either because it often ends up saggy and baggy and quite frankly, annoying. But Artemis? You didn’t budge, you supported her but I wasn’t aware of it and I realised quickly that I didn’t need to tighten quite so much because you held so well I could barely see past her to walk.

child in a front wrap cross carry
A FWCC on very little sleep but comfortable nonetheless

This morning I decided to put you to the test with a simple ruck with a Kaibelt, a finish created by Slings and Smiles that I love to use. It centres beautiful tails without the usual pressure point of a candy cane chest belt. Artemis, it was the perfect finish for you because you tumbled free from the twists with the most fabulous drape. That you are 4.4m meant I couldn’t fit all of the tails into the photo. In a single layer carry you continued to shine because the handwoven structure enveloped my child’s bottom with her knees at just the right height for her comfort. May I just add that you knotless ruck like a boss?

Lots of wrap
The long tumble of wrap from a #kaibelt finish

At the weekend I asked my eldest is she wanted to test you out and she couldn’t wait to try you and requested a hip carry. So up she went in a Robin’s with the passes spread to maximise the support though I have to say it wasn’t necessary. She may be almost 5 years old and 50cm off my height but you made it so comfortably possible to carry her.

My eldest in a Robin's hip carry that somehow ended up on the front
My eldest in a Robin’s hip carry that somehow ended up on the front

What I can’t get over is how something can seemingly be so airy with what seems like a relatively loose weave be so rock solid? Artemis you confound me and I wish I knew your secret so I could find a similar wrap again. I know I am supposed to be critical, to perhaps list some negatives but I am truly finding that difficult as you haven’t let me down once and neither did I find any weaving irregularities.

I can’t wait to use you later for the walk home. Thank you for visiting. Travel well.




Ruck n Roll started in October 2015 and Jo-anne has been handweaving beautiful wraps ever since. You can find out more by visiting the business page and joining the Facebook group where wraps are made available by draw.

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