The House on the Corner – Podcast

I work in what was the Cornerhouse, an arts centre that has moved down the road. We occupy one building and for the past month or so, Loose Space and Manchester Activist Network have squatted the other.

The other building, which belongs to Network Rail, has been sitting empty for a couple of years. It contained the cinemas for the Cornerhouse along with administrative offices. A prominent building, it occupies the corner leading up to Manchester Oxford Road Station.

I had watched the occupation of the Cornerhouse by these squatters with interest and our staff/students had covered their arts project, contained inside, for The Northern Quota.

It wasn’t until the day of their proposed eviction that I got a chance to go and speak to the group. This podcast is a portrait of a moment in time, as they waited to find out if they could keep the bailiff away a little longer.

You will meet Carolyn, Nick, Sharon and John, hear about their collaborative project, a little about their lives and what they hope for in the future.

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