Lawilde Elliott Corvus

Corvus: genus of birds that includes crows, ravens, rooks and jackdaws.

This is the story of a wrap that is based on memories and imagery that are imprinted on the soul. As a child, sitting in the back of a car in the Devonshire countryside, watching Crows play in the sky together at the side of the road. Years later, the most perfect walk along rugged cliff tops sealed by the swooping of a raven between us that was heralded by its unique cat like “prrrrk”. Falling in love with the darkness of the film The Crow in a way that meant its warped romanticism never quite lifted. Becoming beguiled by the oily black plumage that was a signature of McQueen’s precise eye for decadent, fantasy, tailoring.

What if one day there was an opportunity to realise this as a wrap? What if one day a group of dark hearted romantics took a special semi custom ride together?

This is Elliott Corvus

Corvus: a constellation meaning “Raven” in Latin. The four main stars form a distinctive quadrilateral in the sky.

A quad blend of 49% black cotton, 36% navy bourette, gold and teal mulberry, 15% black cashmere.

Approximately 210g sq/m.

A toddler worthy fantasy.

Lawilde Elliott Corvus from MsCrow on Vimeo.

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  1. […] departs the concept, reality, of Corvus will never leave. Charlotte, of Lawilde, absolutely nailed my vision of oily black wings in motion. Combined with the cashmere, mulberry and bourette blend and the easiest going wrapping qualities […]

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